Types of Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers began as human-driven machines which are used to cut grass. While they still perform the same basic function, many varieties of lawnmowers have been developed throughout the decades in order to cater to clients with different needs as well as to take advantage of new advances in technology.

Below is a list of some of the most common types of lawnmowers.

1. Reel/cylinder

- this is one of the most basic and common types of mowers around. This maybe powered several ways such as human-power and others by using an internal combustion engine. It basically works by having a roller with blades which then cuts the grass.

2. Rotary

- unlike the reel mower, rotary mowers have rotary blades to cut the grass. Most mowers of this type are powered by internal combustion engines although some operate using electric power. Typical residential-type rotary mowers cut the grass and either discharge it on the lawn or keep it in a bag.

3. Ride-on

- this type of mower has a size that is fit for the job that it can do. Ride-on mowers are typically used on larger lawns such as school grounds. Because of this kind of demand, they are usually fitted with several blades to cut a wider area.

4. Hover mower

- as its name suggests, this type of mower hovers over the ground to cut the grass. While they may look like novelty items, hover mowers do a good job at cutting tall grass and even shrubs because of their unique ability to float.

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  1. Buying A Lawnmower? Consider this first… | Gardening Hints And Tips Says:

    [...] The Rainforest « Must Have Gardening Tools No Gardener Should Be Without Types of Lawnmowers [...]

  2. Hover Mower Says:

    Using these lawn mowers reduce a lot of seconds in our gardening time or working time in school or golf course. Thumbs up to the people who invented these lawn mowers.


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